Photo: Amit Shabi
Jerusalem church. Soon in Carmiel?
Photo: Amit Shabi

Hadash says may build church in Carmiel

Leader of movement's list for municipal elections says will work to have Christian holidays celebrated in northern city. List includes Arabs, new immigrants and one Jew

The Hadash movement on Thursday presented its first ever Arab list for the upcoming municipal elections Carmiel, vowing to work for the establishment of a church in the northern city, if needed.


The list includes Arab residents of Carmiel, Christian immigrants and one Jew, who will all run for a seat the city council.


The list will be headed by Attorney Revia Jahshan, who also serves as its official spokesman. Attorney Jahshan has been living in Carmiel for the past 11 years and resides in the Rabin neighborhood. The second person on the list is Attorney Dorgam Suaed, who lives in the Ramya neighborhood.


Faina Shargorodsky, a veteran immigrant from Russia, was placed third. The fourth person on the list is city resident Heipa Gabas. The only Jew on the list, Noam Shaham, a teacher, was placed fifth. The list is concluded with a new immigrant, Yelena Namov.


Jahshan said Thursday, "The final list was formed on Tuesday and voted on. We wrote our platform, comprised of a number of main points which will guide the list. The first is to act against the recent rise in racist acts in the city. We plan to handle this problem seriously and prevent it from accelerating.


"The second point is finding a proper solution for Carmiel's Ramya neighborhood. The third point is caring for the different groups which have special needs in Carmiel, like Christian new immigrants, Arabs in the city and the freedom of religion and culture."


"There are thousands of Christians living in the city of Carmiel in underground conditions without freedom of religion and ritual, and it's about time they get this right to freedom as all other religions in the country."


Will you work to build a church in the city?


"If needed, we'll definitely want to build a church and focus on the celebration of Christian holidays in the city. We want life in Carmiel to be kind to people of other religions, alongside cooperation and coexistence with the Jewish population in the city.


"We also want to improve the relations between Carmiel's residents and the surrounding communities, not only in terms of commerce, but also in terms of mutual visits in schools and bringing people together throughout the Galilee. What else can we do? We live together."


The Yedioth Carmiel weekly recently reported that there are 300 Arab voters in the city and some 6,000 non-Jewish new immigrants.


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