Genadi Borshevsky
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Mayoral candidate promises more non-kosher delis

Genadi Borshevsky may be seculars' hope in central city of Petah Tikva. 'I have excellent relations with the city's religious and haredi residents,' he says

Is Genadi Borshevsky the new hope of secular residents of the central city of Petah Tikva? At least according to his platform he is.


Borshevsky, a council member on behalf of Yisrael Beiteinu, promises to allow the opening of stores selling pork in the city center and to operate public transportation on Shabbat.


And how does he plan to reach the mayor's office in order to carry out these reforms? With the help of the religious residents, he says.


"I have excellent relations with the city's religious and haredi residents," he states. "They will be in my coalition which will maintain a balance.


"I am certain and believe that the entire public in the city from all streams should be respected, and I believe this should all be done in mutual agreement. However, it's unthinkable that people want to travel somewhere on Shabbat and are not allowed to do so."


According to Borshevsky, one of the reasons which prompted him to run for mayor was that "the culture here is about talking more and doing less, so in practice nothing is done.


"I'm not one of those who talk a lot, but rather one of those who do more," he says.


Perhaps this is why some people are afraid of you.


"There's no reason to be afraid of me. I keep saying that a little order hasn't killed anyone. I'll clean up all parts of the city so that things are equal for everyone. Inflexibility helps make decisions."


Do you really think you have a chance of winning?


"I'm not only thinking about my chance of winning; I really believe I can win. The first round will be difficult, but I'll win the second round. I'm not only relying on the Russian-speaking residents, but on everyone.


"If I'm disqualified over my country of origin and not elected because of that, then there is a serious problem in the State of Israel and it must be fixed."


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