Woman excited to discover 'divine mango'
Photo: Asaf Ambarm

'I found Allah in my mango'

Muslim woman in Sweden stunned to find words 'Allah,' 'Muhammad' in her mango

Rubina Sheikh, a Muslim woman residing in Sweden, sliced open a mango and noticed black lines in it that formed the Arabic words "Allah" and "Muhammad," which are holy to Muslims, a local newspaper reported.


"I sliced the fruit into two and noticed that the word 'Allah' was on one half while the word 'Muhammad' was on the other half," Sheikh told the newspaper. "It's a miracle, a sign from Allah."


Ever since word of this wonder got out, Muslims have been flocking to the woman's home in order to see it for themselves. However, a professor at a nearby university who is an expert on Islam says the discovery is not that dramatic.


“There are 14 recognized ways to create the word ‘Allah’. When you think about how many mangoes there are out there, it’s not strange that one of them has a pattern which can be interpreted to be the right combination of characters,” Jan Hjärpe told a local newspaper.


This is not the first time that similar stories have been reported. About three years ago, a laborer working at an Israeli movie theater was stunned to discover that when looking at the cinema chain's logo upside down, the word "God" appeared.


Meanwhile, Arabic talkbackers on various websites have been sharing stories of seeing God's name on fish, wood, stones, and trees. Some of them said they viewed it as a sign from above, especially on the occasion of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. However, other Muslims have argued that Islam is a noble and dignified religion and that such stories merely serve to disgrace it.


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