Photo: Ronen Machlav
Attorney Reuven Ladiansky
Photo: Ronen Machlav

Animal activists: Kapparot custom 'brutal abuse of animals'

Let Live movement plans to document ritual slaughter of chickens, file police complaint. ' We must end this brutal abuse,' chairman says

In their struggle to stem the slaughter of countless chickens during the Yom Kippur ritual of Kapparot (atonements), activists of Let Live (Latet Lihyot), an animal rights group, are planning to file animal abuse complaints with police against those who carry out the ritual.


The religious and secular argument revolving the ritual has been going on for quite some time. In the ritual, a chicken is held at the shoulder blade and swung around a person's head three times, supposedly transferring the sins of the person to the chicken. The chicken is then slaughtered and given to a needy family.


Let Live, who is running in the upcoming municipal elections in Tel Aviv, is planning to film and document in the upcoming days those who will conduct the ceremony. After that, they intend to hand over the materials to the police along with a complaint of animal cruelty.


"We must end this brutal abuse which is happening in both Ashkenazi and Sephardic households," said a group spokesperson. "We are committed to put an end to this massacre, at least in Tel Aviv."


Ladiansky: Give money to the poor instead (Photo: Reuters)


Let Live is also asking for volunteers for its "Kapparot squads," who are planning to head out later in the week to "document the horror taking place all over Tel Aviv." At the same time a video has been published showing the cruelty of the practice. The group is asking the public to sign a petition that calls for Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Holdai to forbid the slaughter of chickens for the sake of Kapparot.


The head of the movement, Attorney Reuven Ladiansky, said that "there is a better alternative in giving money to the poor, and sparing the animals. According to the laws of the State, no animal may be slaughtered outside of a slaughter house."


The Green Party candidate for Tel Aviv city council, Doctor Rafi Kishon, also spoke out Sunday against the cruelty of the practice: "Kapparot is a brutal abuse that needs to be removed from this world. The practice is in complete opposition to the Animal Welfare Law."


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