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Jerusalem roads cut off
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Jewish centers abroad told to beef up security
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Police brace ahead of Yom Kippur

Forces to deploy in cities ahead of holiday, report 11 specific alerts currently being investigated, police to block all entry of vehicles from east Jerusalem. Security also beefed up around Israeli and Jewish targets abroad

Security forces have been placed on high alert ahead of Yom Kippur. The defense establishment has confirmed it is currently investigating 11 specific terror alerts – including threats of kidnappings, rocket attacks and bombings. In addition to this there are dozens of general alerts on the radar.


Police will deploy large forces as of Wednesday morning in markets, cemeteries (due to memorial services at military cemeteries for casualties of the Yom Kippur War) and synagogues throughout the country.


Troops will also beef up their presence along the Seam Line and the Jerusalem 'envelope.'


The changes in Jerusalem will mostly be felt in the roads surrounding the Western Wall on the eve of Yom Kippur and with the breaking of the fast. Police will also block the entry of all vehicles from east Jerusalem.


Municipal emergency response teams are also preparing to deal with children's cycling accidents.

The heightened precautions extend abroad as well, where Israeli embassies and Jewish institutions such as the Jewish Agency have also been instructed to adjust their security measures in light of a rise in anti-Semitic attacks.


The government has recently established a joint forum with the Jewish Agency to streamline collaboration in emergency situations. The Agency's situation room has undergone an extensive overhaul in recent days to bring it up to date.


Amos Hermon, who heads the Jewish Agency's anti-Semitism taskforce, said the joint forum proved itself essential in the handling of the crisis in Georgia. The efforts to aid and evacuate the Jewish community in war-torn South Ossetia demonstrated the need for cooperation between the various bodies in Israel when engaged in operations overseas.


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