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Noam Federman (archives)
Photo: Dan Balilti

4 arrested as security forces evacuate illegal Hebron outpost

Border Guard, police and IDF forces raid home of extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman in West Bank city. Federman, two girls taken into custody on suspicion of assaulting policeman, attempting to damage police car

Massive police, Border Guard and IDF forces demolished an illegal outpost in the West Bank city of Hebron on Saturday night. Four people were arrested during the evacuation.


Shortly after 1:30 am, the forces arrived near the home of extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman. He was arrested for assaulting a policeman and breaking his hand, and two young girls were taken into custody after reportedly attempting to set fire to a police car. Another person was detained for questioning.


Federman's wife, Elisheva, recounted the events in a conversation with Ynet.


"It was a regular Saturday evening. We were cleaning after Shabbat. Our nine children went to sleep. I finished working on a paper for school, Noam was on the computer, when we suddenly heard dogs barking.


"We received a phone call that massive forces were headed towards us. Noam went out to see what was happening, and then Yasamniks ((Israel Police special patrol unit) jumped on him. I haven't seen him since.


"I saw herds of black uniform. I locked the door, but they broke into the house, smashed the windows, and all this without any warning. The children woke up and came to my room.


"Three of the children – aged six, eight and 12 – asked me what to do. I told them to go to Givat Haharsina, knock on good people's doors and ask them to take them to their grandfather and grandmother in Kiryat Arba.

Demolished house (Photo: Nadia Matar)


"They pulled out the entire contents of the house. Everything that was in the cupboards – books, clothes, money. They forcibly removed us from the house and took us to the Gush Etzion Junction. They said we were all under arrest. Me and six other children – aged one, three, nine, 14, 16 and 17.


"They destroyed the entire house and cut off its gas supply. Several hours later, they told us we were not under arrest and let me go back to the house to take the car. I saw the complete destruction in the place and they told me, 'Take what you want.'


"Eighteen years of marriage are folded under the wreckage. I didn’t even have Materna to take for the baby. The oldest daughter was taken to the police station and was arrested after her hand was broken."


'The truth has been exposed'

The Federman family has been living in the place for two and a half years. According to the residents, the far had been manned for 11 years. Elisheva Federman said there was no legal motive for the evacuation.


"We have had right of possession on this land for 10 years. No Arab has demanded it. We launched legal proceedings and paid a lot of money. How can they do this without any warning? I hope God gives us the strength to return. We have no property now. We can build a tent there. We have nothing to lose," she said.


Extreme right-wing activists said following the outpost evacuation, "We set a price tag for the evacuation. We caused damage to nine Palestinian graves in the Hebron cemetery, we cut the tires of Palestinian vehicles and hurled stones at the security forces and at Palestinians in the region."


The Yesha Human Rights Organization said in response, "The truth has been exposed. The Palestinian police's entry to Hebron was aimed at moving the IDF and Israel Police's workforce from their security-related and life saving tasks to tasks of evacuating Jews from their homes and destroying their lives.


"It's shocking what a corrupt government can do even while dying. IDF and Border Guard forces who commanded the demolition as thieves at night, without an order, will personally be sued for their acts."


During the holiday of Sukkot, the IDF evacuated three illegal outposts built by right-wing activists in the West Bank.


The outposts were built by the Land of Israel Faithful and Youth for the Land of Israel movements, who declared that their goal is to continue building in the Land of Israel and erecting new outposts and spots near existing communities.  


When the rightists were presented with the closed military area order, they left the place immediately without objecting.


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