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The JewBerry: Praying on the PDA
A $30 software program for BlackBerries, brainchild of two entrepreneurs who attended New York's Yeshiva University, provides texts of daily prayers

Thousands of observant Jews around the world are praying three times a day - using their PDA.


A software program for BlackBerries combines Hebrew prayers and technology, the brainchild of 2 entrepreneurs who attended New York's Yeshiva University.


They dubbed it "the JewBerry" - a $30 program that provides texts of daily prayers instead of the traditional, printed book.


Its co-creator, Jonathan Bennett, of Cedarhurst, Long Island, says working Jews often gather in office-building stairwells and conference rooms to pray. And many carry a BlackBerry.


Among JewBerry users is the president of Yeshiva University, Richard Joel, who says he now uses his BlackBerry for practical needs as well as to tap into the heart of Yeshiva - Jewish values.


First published: 11.04.08, 15:48
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