Israel-Lebanon Border
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Hizbullah wants villages inside Israel

Shiite group's head of international relations tells Norwegian Ambassador organization won't settle for Blue Line border. 'Zionist terror organizations moved the border and robbed Lebanon of seven villages and 20 farms,' he says

Hizbullah's head of international relations Nawaf al-Moussawi said Monday in a meeting with Norway's ambassador to Lebanon, Aud Lise Norheim, that "the Blue Line is not the border between Lebanon and Israel. It's just a line that marks the border of retreat by the Israeli forces from south Lebanon in 2000".


The Blue Line was determined by United Nations experts according to their interpretation of the Security Council resolution from 1978 and is slightly different from the international border that was set in 1923.


Al-Moussawi continued to address different lines that were marked in southern Lebanon. "The Zionist terror organizations moved the borderline that was set in 1920 to a new line in 1923 – a line that robbed Lebanon of seven villages and some 20 farms. We must be alert of attempts to show the Blue Line as a border that would rob Lebanon of millions of square meters of its national land."


Regarding the alleged Israel Air Force infiltration of Lebanese skies over the weekend, as reported by Lebanese sources, al-Moussawi said, "We stand committed to our rights as we face Israeli violations. As a matter of fact it is out duty to stand up against such acts of aggression."


Last Saturday al-Moussawi said revenge for the murder of Hizbullah's Imad Mugniyah was "a done deal". Al-Moussawi said the investigation into the killing was over, and its conclusions were clear – however, "announcing its findings would be useless at the present time".


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