Rocket attacks continue
Photo: Amir Cohen

5 Qassam rockets hit south

Palestinian terrorists fire two rockets at Sderot area; three more rockets land in open areas in western Negev; no injuries reported in rocket barrage. Islamic Jihad: Attacks response to 'Zionist aggression'

Rocket attacks go on: Palestinian terrorists fired five Qassam rockets at Gaza-region communities Friday morning. Two rockets reportedly landed in the Sderot area, while three other rockets landed in open areas in the western Negev.


No injuries were reported in the rocket barrage. The al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the attack.


One of the rockets reportedly landed near a water reservoir at a southern kibbutz. Another rocket hit the fence of a western Negev kibbutz.


Meanwhile, the alert level in the south was raised ahead of the opening of the school day. Security chiefs at various regional communities urged parents to remain alert and boosted their patrols in the area.


In the southern city of Ashkelon, the municipal parents' association decided to postpone the opening of the school day in protest of the government's failure in handling ongoing rocket attacks on the city.


'Zionist aggression continues'

Meanwhile, al-Quds Brigades spokesman Abu Ahmed told Ynet: "The enemy's Defense Minister, Barak, is trying to rejuvenate himself for the elections in Israel via the escalation in the Strip."


However, the spokesman said the Gaza Strip lull is still alive.


"The firing in recent days is a response to the enemy's last operation in the center of the Strip," he said. "We wanted to show that every Zionist violation will meet be met with a response, and the firing of rockets is in the framework of this response. As far as we understand, this is included in the lull understandings…we have the right to respond to every violation."


Abu Ahmed added that the Palestinian response will continue as long as Israel's aggression continues.

"Zionist aggression continues, and Israeli artillery is still firing," he said. "At least 40 shells landed since morning…we'll stop firing once the Zionist offensive ends completely, and then we'll decide whether the lull will continue for the next month and a half left in it, or whether we can we say that it collapsed."


More than 50 rockets since Tuesday

On Thursday, four Qassam rockets were fired at Israel. No injuries were reported in the attacks. Since Tuesday, Palestinians fired a total of more than 50 rockets at Israel.


Security officials told Ynet Thursday that the next 24 hours could determine whether the Gaza Strip lull will continue. The officials said the defense establishment was preparing for any possibility.


Rocket attacks at Israel resumed this week in the wake of the IDF operation in the central Gaza Strip. The raid was meant to thwart the abduction of IDF soldiers via an underground tunnel dug by Palestinian terrorists.





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