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New leftist movement is born

Members of new movement hold founding event in Tel Aviv, say body meant to support Meretz, fill vacuum in political arena. Advertising expert says according to polls new movement could win over many first time voters, Kadima and Labor dropouts

Former Labor politicians and Israeli intellectuals announced the establishment of a new left-wing movement meant to support Meretz.


The founding event held in Tel Aviv on Friday included figures such as author Amos Oz, Uzi Baram, Tzali Reshef, Gliad Sher, Abraham Burg and Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer.


Members of the new movement said it was meant to fill the vacuum that has been created in Israel's political arena. Former Labor Minister Uzi Baram said, "Labor has been regressing for some years now, and not just because of Ehud Barak.


"This is an attempt to establish a new left-wing movement, and while Meretz is the central component and we are still contemplating the matter of the name, we are not here to join Meretz, but to set up a new alternative. Clearly, the public weakness and collapse of the Labor party makes this possible."


Author Amos Oz referred to Defense Minister Ehud Barak's speech during the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's memorial where he said the government was searching for the path of peace and would combat settler violence.


"But then I read in the newspaper that he (Barak) is expanding settlements and approving construction in the territories," Oz said. "Our goal is to unite all supporters of peace who have given up on their parties and take a new suggestion to the public.


"I will not be there because I am not a politician, but Meretz Chairman Chaim Oron is the most suitable man for the job."


Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer said the party's goal was "to create a social and democratic movement that will appeal to anyone in the Right or the Left." And Chaim Oron added, "Our goal is to fill the vacuum that was created in the political arena's left."


Sources involved in the establishment of the new movement said a poll was carried out last week to examine the public's attitude towards Meretz and the new movement.


According to advertising agent Dror Sternshos, "The Labor party is collapsing and Kadima is an eclectic collection of people. The brand name Meretz has a good image, but there are still some possibilites."


Sternshos added that the new movement had the potential to win over many Labor and Kadima voters, as well as young first-time voters.


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