Disputed Hebron house
Photo: Amit Shabi

Hebron: Rightists injure soldier, desecrate graves

Tensions surrounding disputed Hebron house continue to run high as settlers clash with local Palestinians, pour turpentine on soldier, spray 'Muhammad the pig' graffiti on mosque

Dozens of Right-wing activists clashed with Palestinians Wednesday night near a disputed house in Hebron, injured an IDF soldier and desecrated Palestinian graves. None of the rioters was arrested, but security sources vowed to bring the offenders to justice.


The High Court of Justice ruled this week that the house, which is inhabited by settlers, should be evacuated until the question of its ownership can be established.


In recent days the settlers' violence in Hebron has increased, and activists at the place have turned throwing stones on Palestinians and their houses into a routine thing.


During a confrontation that erupted at the place tonight, IDF and police forces were called to the scene to subdue the rioters, and settlers poured turpentine on one of the soldiers. The soldier sustained light injuries and was treated on site. Military vehicles and a police car were also damaged.


In addition, the rightists sprayed offensive graffiti on a mosque near the disputed house, and desecrated headstones in a nearby Palestinian cemetery. One of the slogans sprayed read, "Muhammad the pig."


The Civil Administration is working to remove the graffiti and the IDF is sending calming messages to the local population, in bid to avoid an outburst of violence.


In the meantime, more and more Right-wing activists continue to arrive at the place and are threatening to remain there in order to help prevent the house's evacuation.


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