Desecrated cemetery in Hebron
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Palestinians: Settler violence in Hebron will lead to casualties

'Yesterday huge stones barely missed my cousins; had they been hit they would have been killed,' says resident, claiming settler threatened to slaughter his family 'like Deir Yasin'. 'I was shocked to hear a soldier tell me: There's nothing I can do'

"The stone-throwing tonight was not rioting, it was with intent to kill," a Palestinian resident of Hebron told Ynet Wednesday. "Settlers threw stones at us from the fifth floor. I picked one up and it weighed at least a kilo."


Majdi al-Jabri claimed the escalating violence of the Jewish settlers in Hebron was becoming intolerable. The damage that has already been done to his home includes broken windows, pipes, and water heaters.


"As long as it's just property – we've become accustomed over dozens of years. But in recent days there has been an escalation that will soon take lives," he said.


Al-Jabri lives with his extended family in a complex. "We're eight families, 60 people in all, and we are constantly threatened," he said. "Yesterday huge stones just barely missed two of my cousins. If they had been hit they would have been killed."


He claims his family had asked Border Guard officers to form a separation between them and the settlers, but that the latter had continued throwing stones indiscriminately at both parties.


Al-Jabri went on to say that after a settler had threatened to slaughter his entire family he complained to IDF soldiers, but they didn't respond. "He took out his gun, put it to his mouth, and said, 'Deir Yasin, Deir Yasin', referring to the massacre in the village of Deir Yasin in 1948," he said.


"I was shocked to hear a soldier tell me, 'There's nothing I can do, and there's no use complaining, the settlers and we are one," al-Jabri added.


He claimed discrimination was prevalent among security forces. "One of the settlers who threw stones was covered head to foot, including his face," al-Jabri said.


"He was throwing stones near an IDF jeep. If one of our women walks around with her face covered, she is immediately stopped and female soldiers are brought to determine her identitiy. Why don't they do something like that in this case?" he asks.


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