Holtzberg son and nanny
Photo: AP

Holtzberg toddler asking for his mother

Nanny who saved life of Chabad emissaries' son tells Ynet: 'In the evening his mother always puts him to sleep, now he doesn't understand what's going on'. Couple still trapped in Chabad house, authorities fear for their lives

The two-year-old son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka is asking about the whereabouts of his parents, his nanny told Ynet. The Chabad emissaries to Mumbai were taken hostage in the city's Chabad house, and authorities fear for their lives.


The nanny, Sandra Samuel, is a local who had been living with the family. She and the toddler are currently staying in the Israeli Consulate in Mumbai. "The baby is okay, but I have no idea about the couple. Nobody told us anything," she said.


"In the evening his mother always puts him to sleep and now he doesn't understand what's going on," she added. Regarding the attack on the Chabad house she said, "It was terrible, there were explosions everywhere, gunfire – they tried to shoot me."


The Foreign Ministry still lacks information about the Israeli hostages still trapped inside the house, but authorities fear for their lives. Earlier reports stated that eight hostages were released, but four remained "unconscious" inside.


Ehud Raz, the senior security officer at the Israeli Embassy in Mumbai, told Ynet that "the boy wasn't upset, I'm not sure he understood what was going on. The incident took place mostly on the second floor of the Chabad house. The boy and the nanny were on the first floor so they managed to get out." 


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