Qassam near Sderot (Archives)
Photo: Ze'ev Trachtman
2 Qassams land in Negev; no injuries
Salah al-Din Brigades claim responsibility for rocket fire. Eshkol Council head: Government must bring back sense of security to region

Palestinians in north Gaza fired two Qassams toward Israel's western Negev region Sunday evening, but there were no reports of injuries or damage.


One of the rockets landed near a kibbutz located within the Eshkol Regional Council limits, while the other landed near a kibbutz in the Sdot Negev Regional Council.


The Salah al-Din Brigades, the military arm of the Popular Resistance Committees, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire.


Eshkol Regional Council Head Haim Yalin, who lives in close proximity to the landing site of one of the rockets, told Ynet "we heard a very loud blast; the houses shook. Unfortunately, these attacks have been going on all day long."


As for the cabinet's decision to approve the allotment of NIS 695 million (about $174 million) for the fortification of Gaza vicinity communities, Yalin said "if people think we are going to lower our profile now they are sorely mistaken. The region's leaders agreed to take the struggle to the next level. The next phase after fortification is putting an end to the rocket fire and bringing back a sense of security to the region."


Earlier in the evening the IDF attacked a Qassam rocket-launching cell in northern Gaza. The army's spokesperson's unit said the cell had been preparing to fire a Qassam toward Israel's western Negev region when it was attacked. Forces identified a hit, but the Palestinians said there were no reports on injuries.


Dozens of rockets and mortars have been fired toward south Israel since Friday.


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