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Netanyahu still pushing to oust Feiglin

Election of rightist list and propulsion of Moshe Feiglin to realistic slot on Likud roster have party brass, including Netanyahu, losing sleep. Efforts to run Feiglin off continue though court appeal

Moshe Feiglin may be celebrating his achievement in the Likud primaries, but that won't be the case for long if Benjamin Netanyahu has any say in the matter. Ynet has learned a close associate of the Likud chairman, Ophir Ekonis, intends to appeal Feiglin's victory to the party's internal court.


If the court accepts the appeal, the Likud's highly contested right-wing marker could find himself ousted from the realistic placement he currently has on the party's Knesset roster to an irrelevant slot far lower than the 20th he now holds.


Ekonis, who carried the Tel Aviv district in Monday's primary elections, will appeal through attorney Yaakov Ne'eman, and demand the placement of district winners be bumped after the slots reserved for women became obsolete – as the women were elected to positions higher than the reserved spots.


Other district winners are expected to join the appeal. If successful, the bid would lead not only to Feiglin being dropped lower, but also other 'rebel' Likud members Netanyahu fears are too right-wing – like Michael Ratzon and Ehud Yatom.


Top Likud officials fear the primary results will hurt the party's chances in the upcoming general elections. Sources involved in the party's campaign told Ynet on Tuesday evening that the composition of the list greatly damages the Likud's standing with the public, and could potentially lead to a significant drop in the

support the party currently enjoys in the polls.


The officials said they feared the campaign being drawn up by Kadima against the Likud in light of the new list. "If Kadima changes its campaign and goes after the Likud, it will do a lot of damage," they told Ynet. "We have to prepare for that possibility, but its already clear things aren't well."


Likud sources say that despite Netanyahu's attempt to appear pleased with the primary results, behind closed doors he is deeply concerned.


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