Ecological disaster
Photo: Amit Shaabi
Tour de Dead Sea
Bikers from Israel and abroad, professional and amateur alike, invited to join special bike rally dedicated to saving rapidly shrinking Dead Sea from ecological disaster
A non-profit bike rally calling to save the rapidly disappearing Dead Sea will be held for the third consecutive year on December 27 in the lowest place on earth. The event highlights values of regional cooperation, environmental commitment, sports and tourism.


Some 1000 professional and amateur riders from all over the world, including Jordan, will be able to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the sea and the Judean Desert at the bottom of the Syrian-African Rift, one of the most beautiful sites on earth and an area of great historical significance.

Last year's ride (Photo: Lior Dayan)


The Dead Sea is receding at a rate of one meter per year due to the diversion of incoming water. National and international bodies have already realized that if no action is taken, an ecological disaster might lead to the complete disappearance of one of the world's most significance natural sites.


The ride will be secured by the police and tour organizers invite participants to spend the night at the Kalia Beach camping site. On the day of the ride, families will also be able to enjoy various events at the beach dedicated to saving the Dead Sea.


“The Dead Sea and its surrounding are a departure point for both road and cross biking activities for thousands of bikers from all over the world, thanks to the ideal climate and the various tourist attractions, sights and sites, "said Uriel Aharonov, Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council engineer and the initiator of the Tour. "We hope to turn the area into the lowest biking park in the world," he added.


Tour de Dead Sea is being held in association with the Israeli Biking Association, UNESCO, Negev Development Authority, Dead Sea Works, AHAVA, and in coordination with security bodies.


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