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Schlusser: Not a chauvinist
Photo: Michael Kramer

Men's Rights Party vies for votes

'Feminists are destroying this country', says party leader who, despite annual flop in elections, plans to keep fighting for votes until nature's laws prevail, putting 'men on top'

Despite having flunked out of the past three elections, the Men's Rights in the Family Party has decided to offer itself up to the Israeli voter once again this year due to fears that "the feminists are destroying the country."


The party's chairman, 54-year old Yaakov Schlusser, has adhered stoically to his ideals throughout the years despite his party's persistent failures.


"Seeing as we live in an extremist feminist state, the entire system is unjust, including the courts, welfare services, the police, and the government," he told Ynet. "The feminists are destroying every good part of this country. A country that doesn't respect its men has no right to exist."


Schlusser is especially grieved by the courts' child custody policies, and claims that one out of every two fathers loses the right to see their children as a result of messy divorces. He says this policy does inestimable harm to the children, especially the males among them.


"Children have a right to see their fathers. Otherwise they will lose their sexual identity. The child that sees a woman in control, in contradiction to nature, may turn homosexual," he claims.


But Schlusser has a plan to counter the damaging effects of feminist court policies. "The first thing I'll do if I get into the Knesset is pass a bill for children to be transferred to the father's custody primarily, and only afterwards every case will be examined," he said.


When asked regarding his thoughts on equality between the genders he said, "In the past I was pro-equality, but I've seen that women don't know how to accept equality. If you're good they try to take over. I know this from the 20 years we've existed."


Schlusser and his esteemed associates have indeed been assisting men with various cases for 20 years, but the chairman believes politics is their true calling. "The cases keep shocking me anew and motivating me to reach the Knesset," he told Ynet.


Schlusser claims that last year his party received 4,200 votes, a far cry from the previous year's 1,250 and enough to plant them in 20th place.


Despite his views, he claims he is not a chauvinist. "The claims that I am a chauvinist are demagoguery. I love women and support relationships, my mother was a woman and I have a daughter," he said. "I'm not against women but nature has rules: The man should be on top, there should not be equality."


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