Feiglin - 'A test from God'
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Netanyahu - Motivated by fear?
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No recognition of Supreme Court
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Feiglin promises supporters 'a huge revolution'
After being unceremoniously bumped to unrealistic spot on Likud roster, Moshe Feiglin prepares his supporters for coup attempt on party leadership. 'It's important for Bibi and the hidden tyrants that I be kept out of the Knesset,' he writes to his activists

If Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu thought that bumping Moshe Feiglin from the 20th to the 36th slot on the party's roster would stymie the latter's drive – he appears to have been decidedly mistaken.


Feiglin hinted at what is to come in a letter sent to his supporters this weekend. A translated version of the letter was also posted to Jewish Leadership Movement's website, which Feiglin founded and leads.


Speaking to Ynet, Feiglin confirmed he intends to run an independent campaign for the Likud – "despite Bibi." The letter was posted to the Hebrew website under the title - 'Now comes the real test – Bibi's Likud or the people's Likud.'


In his letter, Feiglin sought to explain to his supporters why he was not contesting the Likud's decision to bump him from the 20th slot.


"Please be aware that I have not thrown my victory into the waste bin. I have turned it into something much stronger and more significant," he wrote.


"From a faith-based perspective, it might very well be that God has orchestrated that I would be number 20 on the Likud list precisely for this reason: to test my conviction and assure that we triumph and lead this nation much sooner than we would have otherwise believed."


Feiglin went on to add: "What has happened here is much more than just a race for a Knesset seat. It's bigger than me, than Bibi and than the Likud…. What is being determined here is if the State of Israel will return to the People of Israel or remain captive in the hands of the faceless tyrant who will continue to drive it to ruin."


Considered the Likud's most rightist candidate, Feiglin minced no words in his attack against Netanyahu, saying the latter only feared him because he threatened Netanyahu's rule over the Likud.


"Bibi and the faceless tyrant know that I am not just another MK in the Likud. They understand that I am creating alternative leadership from within the Likud - leadership that will unchain Israel from the leftist tyranny," he wrote.


No recognition for Supreme Court

Feiglin explained to his supporters why he decided not to appeal the Likud's internal decision to the Supreme Court, saying that doing so would mean he was recognizing the court's authority.


"I have already announced time and again that I have no faith in the current court system. If I would have now entered the Knesset due to a court decision, I would not be standing up for my convictions. If the Supreme Court would have rejected my appeal, I would not be able to complain. After all, I was the one who appealed to the court. And if the Supreme Court would have ruled in my favor, I would not have been able to work to replace it, as I would already have recognized it," he wrote.


"In order to lead the revolution to free Israel from the grasp of the faceless tyrant, I must be elected by the

voters. I cannot lead the revolution if the chains of the tyranny are wound firmly around my neck.


"We are at the beginning of a huge revolution," Feiglin promised. "Bibi does not have the tools to deal with the challenges that face him. No matter how strong the government he establishes will seem to be, there will soon be another race for the leadership of the Likud. This race will come in the midst of a deep crisis. If we remain true to our ideology, the people will put their trust in us. Even now, I have merited unimaginable levels of public support. We cannot stray from our path by even a bit. With G-d's help, we are winning and we will keep winning in a big way."


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