Photo: Haim Hornstein
Israeli team to teach creativity
Photo: Haim Hornstein

Israeli teachers to train educators in Singapore

Group of instructors from Israel Center for Excellence through Education hired by Singaporean Education Ministry to apply special program, instruct local teachers to encourage creativity, independent thought among nation's students

A group of Israeli teachers is scheduled to travel to Singapore in the near future to train local teachers on how to support and advance excelling students.


As part of a program by the Israel Center for Excellence through Education, teachers from the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem will work towards advancing outstanding Singaporean students.


The Excellence 2000 Abroad program, which was developed by the teachers, is already a big success in nine states in the US.


Singapore's Ministry of Education purchased the program from the Israeli center at the yearly cost of $10,000.


The Israeli teachers were selected by the Singaporean government as part of a new initiative towards a change in the country's education system.


Education Minister Dr. Ng Eng Hen recently visited the Israel Center for Excellence through Education after two visits made by Singaporean delegations on his behalf.


The minister examined the program up-close and visited schools throughout Israel that implement it.


After his visit, the minister decided to hire the services of the Israeli teachers.


'Israeli excellence in high esteem'

Hezki Arieli, the chairman of the Center for Excellence, said on Thursday, "I asked the Singaporean education minister why they wanted to buy our educational program when their students reach the top spots in international tests.


"He explained that education in Singapore is characteristic of revision for exams, memorization and practice, but the students lack the creativity, independent thinking and entrepreneurship that would prepare them for life.


"The minister told me they hold Israeli excellence, that is expressed in high-tech, science and technology, in high esteem."


The excellence program is designed to advance excelling students in the framework of their regular school programs, and also to challenge them a few hours a week outside of school hours.


"Excelling students serve as a steam engine in their regular class that pull behind them the rest of the students," Arieli said.


In the first phase of the program, the Israeli teachers will train hundreds of Singaporean educators teaching in dozens of schools selected by the Education Ministry.


Dr. Kobi Barak, a science and biology teacher at the Arts and Science Academy, is a member of the team that developed the program and will be heading off to Singapore with the rest of the teachers.


"I am accompanied by a great sense of pride in the fact that we are exporting education. Singapore is buying excellent education from us," Barak said.


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