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Mega-orgy in Tel Aviv cancelled due to public pressure

Sex fest scheduled to be held on 'International Orgasm Day' and seeking to promote world peace called off after owner of venue meant to host event caves in to threats

After weeks of preparations for the largest sex event of its kind in Israel, organizers were forced to cancel it this week due to public pressure and threats exerted on the owner of the venue where the sex fest was to take place.


The event in question, which was scheduled to take place on "International Orgasm Day," aimed to bring together some 250 participants seeking to promote world peace through multiple orgasms reached by masturbation or sex.


The orgy was organized by the Raelian movement, a UFO religion whose followers believe humankind was created by aliens. The group's spokesman, Kobi Drori, said that the orgy was meant to include straights, gays, lesbians and bisexuals, all of them over 18.


"The purpose of the event was to try and bring world peace through mass orgasm, this by experiencing consensual sex and natural, uninterrupted pleasure. It was important to make love without feeling guilty or shy," he explained.


Drori protested the fact that nowadays the words "war," "violence" and "murder" have become more legitimate than "sex," "orgasm" and "pleasure."


"It should be the other way around. Several years ago an Iraqi boy whose limbs were amputated was shown on TV and everybody treated this as if it was okay, but when Janet Jackson exposed her breast during the Superbowl the American nation was appalled.


"We wanted to put into practice the saying 'make love, not war'."


'Society based on self-fulfillment'

According to Drori, the orgy was just the first in a series of events dedicated to promoting this objective. On January 22 the movement will hold a conference on sexuality and masturbation with experts and writers in the field.


He also vowed that the cancelation of this year's orgy would not deter the Raelians from setting up another sex fest next year.


The Raelian movement has several hundreds followers in Israel and some 70,000 members worldwide.

"We don't believe in demons, ghosts and gods," said Drori. "The group's primary goal is to inform humanity, without attempting to persuade, regarding scientific messages that deal with the origins of life on earth.


"The second goal is to expedite the establishment of a society based on the principles of non-violence, solidarity, self-fulfillment and pleasure. To establish one global currency, one global government and harness science to the service of humanity, and not against humanity," he concluded.


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