Aerial strike in Gaza
Photo: Reuters

IDF: Too early to declare victory

As Hamas reports of more than 270 deaths in Israeli operation, military sources say group's command and firing capabilities damaged, but organization could still launch massive response, including terror attacks

Hamas' response to Israel's aerial attack of strategic targets in Gaza on Saturday is relatively restrained, despite the rocket-fire of short-range and Grad rockets, IDF sources said Sunday morning. They added that there is a possibility for a massive response from Hamas


According to Hamas reports, more than 270 deaths have been reported as a result of the air strike, with another 620 individuals injured, 180 of them in serious condition.


The IDF reported that the first day of Saturday's "Cast Lead" operation significantly damaged Hamas' command and control capabilities, since the organization's leaders have since gone underground to avoid harm. Additionally, its firing capabilities were harmed.


Nonetheless, the IDF said it's far too early to assume Hamas has been subdued. The organization still has the capacity to shoot heavy barrages of rockets, as well as to attempt terror attacks along the fence between Gaza and Israel, and in Israel itself.


On Sunday morning, Hamas operatives launched three Grad rockets towards Israel, which landed near Ashdod. The hit marked the northernmost range of Gazan rockets seen to date – more than 40 km.  Saturday, 62 rockets were fired at Israel, one of which killed a man in Netivot.


Meanwhile Sunday, Israeli plans continued to attack Hamas targets in Gaza. According to Hamas reports, a police station in southern Gaza was damaged and an arms cache was also bombarded. Several Palestinians were injured.  


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