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Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi
Photo: Reuters
Gaddafi: Revoke Arab peace initiative
Following Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip, Libyan leader says 'Arab initiative nothing more than a scheme. Our children being massacred for sake of Israeli, US elections'

Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday called for the Arab peace plan proposed between Arab states and Israel to be revoked. The plan was approved by the Arab League in Beirut in 2002 and was ratified in Riyadh in 2007.


In a television address Saturday evening following the Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, Gaddafi said, "The Arab initiative is nothing more than an Arab scheme, these massacres (in Gaza) were caused because of it. It has encouraged the enemy to do it.


"We should be ashamed of such proposals," Gaddafi continued, "There are hundreds of people dying in the Gaza Strip as victims of the elections in Israel and in the United States. Our children are being slaughtered for the sake of Israel's election.


"They talk about peace, which kind of peace is this? The Israelis live in peace and us Arabs remain in the ruins."


The Libyan ruler stressed, "We do not want peace or negotiations, we do not want talks or peace as long as the enemy is capable of massacring us. We are speaking meaningless words. Peace negotiations were a failed attempt, this is our reality."


During his speech in Tripoli, Gaddafi said he refused to take part in the emergency Arab summit scheduled to take place this Friday in Qatar.


"As long as we are unable to be free and unable to stop the attacks and the massacres, what will you do at this convention? The best answer is to revoke what is called the Arab peace initiative," he said.


It should be noted that even before the Israeli attack on Gaza, Gaddafi was opposed to the idea of an urgent Arab summit.


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