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Diskin. Lying?
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Gaza hospital director: Israel lying

Gaza doctors slam 'crazy' Shin Bet charges that hospitals in Strip used as Hamas hideouts

Doctors at Gaza's Shifa hospital say they are outraged by Israeli charges that the medical facility has been used as a Hamas hideout.


The charges, made by Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin earlier in the day, were dismissed by doctors as "nonsense," "complete lies," "crazy," and "an attempt to score political points."


Diskin, who briefed the cabinet Wednesday, told ministers that Hamas sustained grave blows and that many of its members were hiding in hospitals, with some dressed as doctors and nurses.


Shifa Hospital Director Khaled Hassan told Ynet that Diskin's remarks were a political statement by a general who in the future expects to join the political establishment.


"We are dealing with lies of a person who is trying to be Israel's future leader," he said. "I just hope that Diskin is not attempting to lay the groundwork for an inhumane attack on hospitals. That would be complete madness."


However, the hospital director admitted that he has no way to monitor those who enter or exit the hospital.


"If someone arrives to visit wounded relatives, I don't care about his organizational affiliation," he said. "I don't mean to prevent anyone from coming for a visit. But to say that they're hiding here? Media teams and Red Cross representatives freely walk around here. If there were activists here, they would have photographed them by now. If Diskin has proof, he should show it."


Meanwhile, Hassan claimed that two hospital workers were killed in an aerial assault earlier in the day, after an ambulance was dispatched to a bombed site in Gaza.


"It's frustrating, but we're not scared. We intend to continue saving the innocent as long as our prayers for Israeli aggression are not met."


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