Photo: Reuters
Dimona reactor. Within rocket range?
Photo: Reuters

Report: Hamas acquires rockets capable of reaching Dimona

UK's London Times quotes Israeli sources as saying terror group gets hand on Iranian Fajr-3 missiles, able to reach further into Israel

The Israeli defense establishment has expressed growing concerns Hamas missiles may pose a threat to its top-secret nuclear facility at Dimona, the UK's London Times reported Friday.


The report quoted Israeli officials as saying that Hamas has acquired dozens of Iranian-made Fajr-3 missiles and that the more sophisticated weaponry will bring the nuclear installation in Dimona, some 20 miles east of Beersheba, into its rocket range.


Dimona houses Israel’s only nuclear reactor and is believed to be where nuclear warheads are stored.


Operation Case Lead has seen Hamas capable of shelling the southern cities of Ashdod and Beersheba – 18 and 25 miles away from the Gaza Strip.


As for Hamas' actual capabilities, prior to the onset of the Israeli offensive in Gaza, Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin said that "Hamas' military wing is ready for a prolonged military conflict with Israel. It has improved it long-range fire capabilities, and may even reach Beersheba."


The extensive bombardment of the southern metropolitan has proven his prediction true.


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