Mashaal: IDF are executioners
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Mashaal: More 'Gilad Shalits' await IDF

Hamas politburo chief warns military that ground incursion will only lead to more kidnapped soldiers

While the IDF prepares for possible ground incursion into Gaza, deemed inevitable by many security officials, Hamas' politburo chief warns the army of a "dark fate" awaiting any troop that enters the Strip.


In a televised interview Friday, Khaled Mashaal threatened Israel and promised that Hamas would win the battle. "The blood of Gaza is the fastest route to your failure," he said.


"You will discover that Gaza is the curse of your history, and will drown you in a sea of failure. If you enter Gaza by land a dark fate will await you. If you make a stupid move like this you may have a second, third, and fourth Gilad Shalit on your hands."


Mashaal stressed that the organization would not compromise on any of its demands in order to achieve a ceasefire. "Our demand is clear – stop the attacks immediately, lift the siege, and open the crossings," he said.


"We know we have no depth and that our abilities are modest, but our faith is exceptional. This battle has been imposed upon us, but we are ready for the challenge and we will win," the Hamas leader added.


"We haven't threatened the enemy with words but with acts. We will protect our land after having prepared for this well ahead of time. We will defeat all of your forces. We are the victim and you are the executioners. We are the righteous and you are the exploiters," he concluded.


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