IDF continues to strike in Gaza
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Posters urge Gazans to inform IDF of Hamas' whereabouts
'Rocket launchers, terror operatives are danger to you and your families,' say thousands of posters dropped on Gaza by Air Force

The Air Force dropped thousands of posters on Gaza Friday in an attempt to rally the residents of the Strip against Hamas. The posters call on civilians to inform the IDF of the whereabouts of any Hamas operative by phone or email.  

Posters warn Gazans against associating with Hamas


The IDF has previously used posters to warn Gazans against associating with Hamas, explaining that the terror group could only bring harm to civilians and advising them to reject any proposals to act on Hamas' behalf.


Now the army is asking civilians to act against Hamas by informing Israel of the operatives' whereabouts. "Residents of Gaza, Hamas' leadership will lead you to oblivion. Take responsibility for your fate," the posters say in Hebrew and Arabic.


"The rocket launchers and terror operatives are a danger to you and your families," the IDF writes.


Army officials would not comment on whether the posters had yielded results, but claimed that an in-depth analysis of the status quo in Gaza had led to their distribution.


"Even today, many understand that Hamas is doing direct damage to their daily lives," one official said. "We've seen it in conflicts before. There were cases in which Palestinian residents physically clashed with Qassam-launching cells that wanted to operate on their land."


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