Child led to hospital in Gaza
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Report: 7 family members killed in IDF shelling

Palestinians say father, mother, their five children killed by shell fired from Israeli Navy ship in Gaza's Shati refugee camp. Elderly man, grandson killed in Strip's Zeitoun neighborhood before dawn. Army yet to respond to report

Fighting in crowded areas continues to claim lives of Palestinian civilians in Gaza: Palestinian sources in the Strip reported Monday morning that seven family members – a father, a mother and five of their children – were killed in the Shati refugee camp in the western part of Gaza City.


According to the Palestinian report, a shell fired by Navy ship hit the family's home and caused their death.


The Shifa Hospital in Gaza reported that some of the bodies of the family members were scorched. The Israel Defense Forces has yet to respond to the report.


A separate incident took place before dawn Monday in the Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City, where according to the Palestinians two family members – an elderly man and his grandson – were killed, in addition to several people who died in various incidents overnight.


The Palestinians report that more than 80 people have been killed since the IDF launched its ground operation in Gaza, and that more than 520 people have been killed and more than 2.500 injured since the start of Operation Cast Lead 10 days ago.

Difficult images from Gaza (Photo: Reuters)


The Palestinian Health Ministry reported Sunday that 107 children and youths were among the dead. This figure does not include the people killed in the evening and night hours, as well as those killed Monday morning.


The Israel Air Force struck some 30 targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night, including a mosque, a suspected antiaircraft machine gun and several tunnels on the Philadelphi Route. The Navy attacked posts belonging to Hamas' naval force and a bunker where Grad missiles were being stored.


An IDF soldier was evacuated from the Gaza Strip overnight after being lightly to moderately injured. He was rushed to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba for medical treatment.


Gazans fleeing homes

The Strip's residents are waiting alertly to see whether the IDF will be expanding its ground operation and entering additional territories.


The Palestinians reported Sunday evening that many families, especially those living in areas where the Israeli army may be stationed, are gathering at the homes of relatives in areas considered safer.


Residents of the al-Atatera neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya left their homes Sunday night in a bid to reach further areas. The residents were afraid to use vehicles and called for ambulances and Red Cross vehicles to evacuate them, but they refused to arrive.


Thus, hundreds of Palestinians were seen marching 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from Beit Lahiya towards central Jabalya.


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