Big Mac gets cheaper
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Burger chains drop prices
McDonald's, Burger King and Burger Ranch announce price reductions on variety of meals

Three leading hamburger chains in Israel, McDonald's, Burger King and Burger Ranch, have announced they are dropping their prices.


Burger King's Whopper Junior and "Star Meal" and Burger Ranch's Burger Extra Ranch meal will now cost NIS 27 (about $6.9) instead of NIS 35 ($9) – a NIS 8 ($2) drop in the price of a meal.


The new prices in these two chains will go into effect on Sunday, January 11.


McDonald's offers slightly less impressive discounts. A children's Happy Meal that used to cost NIS 26 ($6.7), will now be offered for the price of NIS 24.5 ($6.3).


Since the chain has recently removed applesauce from the Happy Meal, purchasing it separately will cost an extra Shekel, and along with the price of a small ice cream cone, the price of such a meal could reach NIS 27.4 ($7.1), adding up to a total discount of NIS 1.6 (40 cents).


The price of a McDonald's Big Mac was reduced by NIS 2.1 (54 cents), from NIS 32 ($8.3) to NIS 29.9 ($7.7), and the cost of a Chicken McNuggets and Chicken Select meal dropped by half a shekel (about 10 cents), from NIS 38 ($9.8) to NIS 37.5 ($9.7), while the chicken portions in both meals has grown by 33%.


A new Chicken McNuggets meal includes 8 nuggets instead of 6, and a Chicken Select meal now includes four pieces of chicken instead of three.


The most significant discount of NIS 6.5 ($1.68) can be found in a large Chicken Select meal including five pieces of chicken and a large Chicken McNuggets meal including 10 nuggets. Both meals have dropped from NIS 48 ($12.4) each to NIS 41.5 ($10.7).


All three chains announced they offer an array of products and combinations for the price of NIS 10 ($2.5) a piece.


McDonald's has 14 combinations at the price of only NIS 10, while Burger King and Burger Ranch each only offer eight NIS 10 – combos.


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