Radi Kaiof, standing with ReWalk

Israeli invention allows paraplegics to walk

Haifa-based Argo Medical Technologies' ReWalk in final experimental stages aims to allow paralyzed people to stand, walk, with help of computerized leg supports. Expected to be on sale next year

In what is probably one of the most important Israeli medical breakthroughs of recent times, Haifa-based Argo Medical Technologies has developed the ReWalk, a sort of exoskeleton that may promise to rid paraplegics of their wheelchairs.


One of the first people to get to try out the new invention is Radi Kaiof, a former IDF soldiers who was crippled in his service.


Kayof has been bound to his wheelchair for the past 20 years, and while he still lacks all feeling in his legs, he is now able to walk with the use of the robotic suit.


This innovative device is the brainchild of engineer Amit Goffer, founder of the Argo company. Goffer got the inspiration to create such a suit over a decade ago after being paralyzed in a road accident.


And here's how it works: The robotic suit is strapped onto the body at the legs, and users wear a backpack that holds a light computerized control box.


Upon command the robotic control lifts the user out of their seat, and at the push of a button, the user starts taking their first steps. Another button allows users to be seated.


Development of this product is still in experimental stages in Israel, and wider experiments are planned to follow in the United States and Europe.


If all the relevant permits are granted as expected, developers believe the ReWalk will be on sale as early as next year.


Developers promised that while the device's price is yet to be set, it will be attainable even for those who are not very wealthy.


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