A. July 19, 1919, Leah (R) and Tuvia in festive clothes during a parade in Winnipeg
B. Drilling machine for a well
C. 1920, Canada. A New Year card from Berta (Bila) Cook (grandfather Tuvia Cucuy's sister)
D. Meir Cucuy on his way to Land of Israel during short visit to el-Arish
E. A family photo before immigrating to Israel: Tuvia, Noah, Tova, Tzipora, Miriam and Etil
F. In Moshav Balfouria. From the right: Meit, Tuvia and Tzipora
G. 1922, Cucuy family on a train from Haifa to Moshav Balfouria. Miriam (L) peeks out of window

The Cucuy family: From Canada to Israel

In second story dedicated to Cucuy family we follow celebrations in Canada following Balfour Declaration, attempt to establish Jewish agricultural cooperative, and entire family's immigration to Land of Israel

It's 1917. The Cucuy family from the previous article in this series resides in Canada and earns a living from agricultural work. In November, Canada's Jews learn of the Balfour Declaration issued by Lord James Balfour, and the entire community is aroused.


The head of the family, Asher Cucuy, decides to establish a cooperative of Jewish farmers planning to purchase lands in the Land of Israel, settle there and earn a living from agricultural work.


In 1919, Asher goes on a journey to the Land of Israel on behalf of his fellow cooperative members, in a bid to look into the implementation of their plan.


In Israel, Asher meets with British High Commissioner Herbert Samuel, who offers him a large piece of land in the Beit She'an area, as long as he brings along a group of farmers and agricultural equipment to cultivate the land.


But while Asher tries to get the deal going, the Land of Israel undergoes a restless period – led by the 1921-1922 events. The British Mandate government is now fearful of the establishment of a Jewish agricultural cooperative in the Beit She'an area, and the entire plan is canceled and not executed. In compensation, the mandatory government offers land in a different area.


In 1921, Asher returns to Canada and tries to organize a group of farmers who will immigrate to Israel. But the rumors about the Jaffa events prevent the recruitment of volunteers.


Asher won't give up and decides to bring his family to the Land of Israel and find a living in a different area in the country. At first, his eldest sons travel to Israel and find work in accordance with their talents, and in the summer of 1922 the entire family arrives in Israel.


On January 18, 1923, Herbert Samuel and Asher Cucuy sign a lease agreement for 420 acres near Akko (an area called "al-Rakayek") for 99 years. Asher leases a large building from an Arab man outside the walls of Gaza City.


In those years Jews barely lived outside the city's walls, and the only building near Asher's house was a match factory. The young children – Tuvia, Tzipora, Noah and Miriam – studied in the Jewish school in Akko with teacher Yehoshua Meyuchas.


From the beginning it became evident that the leased land was bad. The underground water in the ground were salty and up all year long, so nothing could be grown on it apart from wild flora. The family members were thus forced to engage in different labors across the country.


The following pictures document the period between 1918, when the family still lived in Canada, and 1924, after they immigrated to Israel.


1. 1918, Aharon Cucuy working with harvester harnessed to two horses


2. 1920, the Cucuy family in full constitution in Winnipeg, Canada: 1 and 2 – parents Asher and Etil, 3 – Shaul, 4 – Leah, 5 – Meir, 6 – Aharon, 7 – Tova, 8 – Tzipora, 9 – Miriam, 10 – Tuvia, 11 – Noah


3. July 19, 1919, during a parade in Winnipeg in honor of the Balfour Declaration. Leah rides at the head of the march, waving a blue and white flag


4. 1919, Shaul cultivating the land with a roller


5. Hay pick-up machine dragged by horses in the Cucuy family's fields


6. Wheat transport carts dragged by horses


7. 1919, railway cars' train transporting produce in the Cucuy fields


8. July 1919, the Cucuy family's workers in Canada


9. 1920, in Winnipeg, the three youngest Cucuy daughters on a white donkey. From the right: Tova, Tzipora, Miriam


10. 1920, Meir Cucuy on his way to Israel (employed as a machinist for the Kehilat Zion company)

11. Meir Cucuy arrived at Mosav Balfouria in 1920 in order to train the community members on agricultural machinery. Two years later, the family arrived in Israel. In this photo, from 1922, children Miriam and Noah are seen at Moshav Balfouria (the adults have not been identified)


12. After the family's immigration to Israel: Aharon (R) and Teddy Cucuy near Akko


13. During the family's first years in the Land of Israel, the sons are employed in different factories in the country. In the photo: 1924, Shaul uses a roller to pave a road


14. 1924, near a grinding mill in the fields of Yagur, while building the Nesher factory. Meir is on the right (standing on a rock), and Shaul (holding a hat) is in the middle


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