Barak campaign poster
Photo: Yaron Brener
Graffiti at Tel Aviv University: Barak a murderer
TAU slated to host defense minister as part of Student Union activities. Political activists made particularly unfriendly reception for Barak
An uninviting reception was scrawled on the walls of Tel Aviv University's Law Department for Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who was scheduled to meet with students as part of the Student Union's "Political Week" activities. Graffiti sprayed on the walls of the building called Barak a murderer ahead of the minister's scheduled arrival time.


The graffiti was discovered Monday afternoon at the entryway to the Law Department. Many students complained to university faculty and the Student Union demanding that the graffiti be removed immediately.

Graffiti at Tel Aviv University calling Barak a murderer (Photo: Adir Yenko)


Barak cancelled his visit to the university for security reasons.


Student Union Chairman Gil Goldenberg said in response, "There is no place for such statements of hate and enmity – not at the university and not anywhere else. We will take determined action in the coming days to identify whoever sprayed these hateful messages and to put him on disciplinary trial. The Student Union, while it encourages political involvement, unequivocally condemns acts of this sort and will not abet any inciteful statements made by students against public figures."


The Student Union reported that the atmosphere on campus was tense because of "Political Week" activities. Many booths representing various political parties were set up in the campus's main square. Campus security has been briefed to take action in the case that disturbances break out.


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