Photo: Gil Yohanan
Rabbi Yosef. God saves and redeems
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Rabbi Yosef describes Rachel's 'manifestation' in Gaza

Following widespread rumors biblical matriarch appeared before soldiers fighting in Strip, Shas' spiritual leader tells of how young, beautiful woman warned troops of terrorists

After Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu already confirmed reports that Mother Rachel assisted IDF troops fighting in Gaza, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef also declared this week that the biblical matriarch was sent to help the soldiers.


In his Shabbat sermon Shas' spiritual leader described Rachel's role in the recent war. "The soldiers arrived at a house and wanted to go inside. There were three armed terrorists waiting for them there.


"And then a beautiful young woman appeared before them and warned: Don't enter the house, there are terrorists there, be careful.


- "Who are you?"


- "What do you care who I am," she said, and whispered – "Rachel."


The rabbi continued to describe how the soldiers indeed found the terrorists inside and killed them. The three were carrying guns, just like the woman said.


"Mother Rachel was called to the place, 'Go save your sons.' Ah, praised be His name! God redeems and rescues, and sends angels to save the people of Israel. How we should thank God," Rabbi Yosef concluded.


During his address, the rabbi also lauded Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for his gracious contribution to the world of the Torah.


"He would send millions to yeshivot and for our Torah study schools. Had it not been for that – we would not be alive."


Ronen Medzini contributed to the report


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