Defense Minister Ehud Barak
Photo: Reuters

Barak calls for tighter sanctions on Iran

Defense minister calls Tuesday's satellite launching 'first stage of proof of Iran's military, intelligence capabilities', says threat is international problem, world running out of time

Defense Minister Ehud Barak commented on Iran's launching of its first home-made satellite on Tuesday, calling it a "technological achievement for Iran and the first stage of proof of military and intelligence potential and capabilities".


According to Barak, "This is another reason for the international community to increase and tighten sanctions on Iran."


The defense establishment expressed concern with Iran's continued armament and its work towards technological capabilities that could bring it closer to military nuclearization.


The Defense Minister's Office estimated Iran's primitive satellite launching capabilities were an indication of future nuclear weapon launching abilities.


"The problem is not the satellite – the problem is the launcher and the missile that takes it to space. Under the guise of so-called civil activity, Iran is working towards reaching abilities that will allow it launches that will harm the West.


"It's not an Israeli problem anymore, but an international problem, and the West is running out of time," a source from the Defense Minister's Office said.


Defense establishment sources claimed Tuesday's satellite launch was indirectly related to the Iranian ship detained at the Limassol port in Cyprus reportedly carrying explosives, tank shells, mortar shells and other weapons.


"We should connect the dots. Iran's export of arms, which was prohibited by the Security Council, indicates that Iran is thumbing its nose at the international community. Iran is doing whatever it wants and no one is stopping it, this is a serious threat that continues to grow.


"The international community headed by the United Nations and its institutions, including the Security Council, must significantly increase sanctions, because Iran just continues to buy time on the way to a military nuke by using civil technologies to improve its military capabilities. Only assertive international pressure can stop this," the source said.


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