Barak's mea culpa
Photo: Dudu Azoulay
Labor HQ after results air
Photo: Dudu Azoulay

Barak: We're not afraid to be the opposition

Labor chairman tells supporters stunned by extent of blow dealt to Israel's left that party will learn from its mistakes, won't enter coalition at any cost

Flanked only by MKs Eitan Cabel and Shalom Simchon, Labor Chairman Ehud Barak conceded defeat on Tuesday evening as the extent of his party's loss at the polls becomes evident.


Addressing Labor supporters shocked by the tremendous blow dealt to the left-wing bloc, Barak said he was not stepping down from his position, but also did not make any statements alluding Labor intends to lead the opposition.


"The results require us to learn from our mistakes. My mistakes first and foremost, we must learn our lessons and continue to serve the public in the best way possible. We are the servants of every sector, and it is our sacred duty to do so. We do so willingly and proudly," said Barak.


"We will do everything to prove to you and to the public that we are worthy of their full confidence. I have been serving the public since I was 17 and a half, nearly 50 years, and I intend to continue so long as I have the strength - and I have the strength and the desire and the love for this people. I intend to leave here as chairman of the Labor Party and start working tonight to bring Labor back to where it belongs."


Barak made it clear it was possible that Labor would find itself in the opposition. "It cannot be that a coalition will be formed at any cost, with too many parties…We cannot bend with the trends. We are a party with a particular social vision," he said. "As we have always done, we will consider what is best for the party, and far more important – what is best for the country. We are not afraid to sit in the opposition and serve the people from there.


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