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Ariel Sharon
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Will Ariel Sharon be moved to Sycamore Ranch?
Ometz group for proper administration alerts Health Ministry to comatose former prime minister's family's refusal to have him moved out of Sheba Medical Center. 'Medical staff, family exploring best course of treatment,' says hospital

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is set to have Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been hospitalized in the facility since 2006 moved to back to his home at the Sycamore Ranch in southern Israel, for continued care.


Sharon (81) suffered a massive stroke on January 2006. He underwent several brain surgeries, but has remained comatose ever since.


According to the hospital, "The medical staff is in constant contact with Mr. Sharon's family and primary caregivers in order to explore and determine the best course of treatment for him in a non-hospital environment."


Sheba's statement followed a letter sent to by the Ometz group for proper administration, social Justice and moral strength, to the Health Ministry's director general, citing that the Sharon family had refused the hospital's previous requests to have him placed under constant nursing care outside their facility.


Ometz further complained about Sharon's son, Gilad, enjoying an office on hospital grounds, "Which he uses to conduct his own private affaires… with all due respect to Ariel Sharon's contribution (to Israel) we fail to understand why the State has to pay for this office and we feel the matter should be explored by the proper state authorities."


"The Sheba administration acknowledges that the treatment given to the former prime minister exceeds that given to the average citizen. Mr. Sharon's contribution to the State of Israel over the years has prompted the hospital to exercise extreme sensitivity and flexibility when it comes to his care."


The hospital declined comment of the office given to Sharon's son.


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