Palestinian security officers in Ramallah
Photo: Reuters
PA says detained Hamas agents in West Bank
Senior Palestinian security official tells Ynet Authority exposed network of security officers who cooperated with Hamas in exchange for money. Hamas: Cheap lies

A Palestinian source told Ynet on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority had recently exposed a network of security personnel who cooperated with Hamas and gathered intelligence regarding the whereabouts and movement of top PA officials.


According to the source, the operation was headed by an intelligence officer who resides in the Jilazoun refugee camp near Ramallah. He was arrested along with four other people, the official said, adding that during his interrogation the officer admitted to receiving tens of thousands of dollars from Hamas and that some of the intelligence he had gathered was meant to help the Islamist group harm senior PA officials.


The source said the PA refrained from making the arrests public so as not to hinder the Egyptian-mediated reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas, which are expected to resume in Cairo on Monday. However, he said, the Authority was closely monitoring Hamas' recruitment efforts in the West Bank.


A Hamas figure in Gaza denied the claims, saying "Fatah is determined to undermine the (reconciliation talks) and is publishing cheap lies."


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