Sinai. Israelis advised not to visit
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Passover travel warnings issued for Sinai

Month before Passover, Counter Terrorism Bureau issues updated travel advisories, with emphasis on existing warning against attempts to kidnap Israelis throughout the world

Just before the Passover holiday, the Counter Terrorism Bureau published Monday an updated international travel advisory list.


The bureau reiterated the existing travel advisory for Israelis to be on the lookout for attempts to kidnap or hurt Israelis throughout the world meant as revenge for Israel's assassination of senior Hizbullah leader Imad Mugniyah. This advisory is particularly relevant for businessmen with business contacts in Arab or Muslim countries. Sinai was listed among the locations Israelis should avoid traveling in light of current information held by the bureau.


The bureau also published guidelines instructing Israelis on how to comport themselves when abroad. Following is a list of some of their recommendations for Israelis: Be on high alert for unusual events, reject any enticing or unexpected offers, reject offers for complimentary recreational activities made by suspicious or unknown agents, decline invitations to unscheduled appointments especially in remote areas, and arrive at meetings accompanied by trusted companions.


The travel advisory continued, advising Israeli travelers not to allow unexpected or suspicious guests into your living quarters. It also recommended that Israelis staying an extended period of time abroad change their routines from time to time by switching hotels, travel routes, and customary recreational spots and restaurants.


According to the travel advisory, travel to the following locations should be avoided and those currently visiting there should leave immediately: Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, and Afghanistan.


Travel to the following countries should be avoided and Israeli travelers should leave as soon as they can: Algeria, Djibouti, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The Counter Terrorism Bureau also called Israelis not to visit Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Qatar, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan.


In regards to Libya, Oman, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Tajikistan, and Mauritania, the bureau recommends delaying any unnecessary trips to a later date.


For Israelis visiting Colombia, it is recommended not to identify themselves as Israelis, to travel by air whenever possible, to use only main roads, to travel during daylight, and to avoid visiting areas known to be dangerous.


Warning was issued to immediately leave Kashmir, Chechnya, the Philippine island of Mindanao, and Sinai.


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