Radis IN crew
Photo: Rafi Barbiro

Persian-Israeli radio makes waves

Persian language internet radio station Radis IN runs 24 hours, seven days a week from Tel Aviv, with listeners around the world – including Iran

Persian-Israeli internet radio station Radis IN, began operating a month ago, and is already on the air 24 hours, seven days a week, featuring shows on cooking, gossip, current affairs, poetry, and music – all in Persian.


"It's a two-year project I've been working on," said Amir Shai, the station's manager. "The Persian radio is composed of Israelis like us that speak the language and would like to preserve our heritage, and give PR to the outside world, beyond Israel.


"We are already aware that we have many Iranian listeners, and an audience in Europe and America as well."


The station operates from a small studio on the Tel-Aviv-Holon border, and has 17 presenters. Most of the anchors have no prior training, and some of them have worked in piratical radio stations in the past.

Amir Shai, Radis IN station manager (Photo: Rafi Barbiro)


Moshe Amrani, who hosts a poetry show on the station, had 15-years of experience in piratical radio before coming to work for Radis IN.


"We would like to unite the Jews to preserve the Persian language," Amrani said. "The point is that everyone gets the broadcast in a language they are used to, with music they are used to and with the Zionism that encompasses it all."


Besides the new radio station, the Persian community in Israel has very little media representation, which comes down to an hour-and-a-half long daily show on a Kol Yisrael radio network, that is presented by Menashe Amir.


Amir Shai, Radis IN's station manager, already has a creative solution for the older members of the community who do not have access to the internet. "We plan to import radio-internet devices that look like ordinary radios and give them out to members of the community.


"All you need is an electricity socket and a modem connection, and the listener can just turn on the radio and hear our station. And anyone interested in presenting at the station, is welcome to contact us through our website."


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