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Smuggled weapons
Photo: AFP
Hamas official: We'll keep smuggling arms
Group slams recent announcement by NATO member states to help prevent arms from entering Palestinian territory

Gazans will continue to smuggle arms despite international efforts to stop them, Hamas parliamentarian Moushir al-Masri announced on Saturday.

Al-Masri, responding to a Friday decision by several NATO member nations to help stop arms smuggling to Gaza, said "any attempts to eliminate the Palestinian peoples' right to resistance will fail in the face of the peoples' determination."


"The Palestinian people have the right to resist to occupation and this right is anchored in international laws and in the principles of the resistance," he said.


"The fact that the occupation is utilizing superpowers in order to stop arms from entering Gaza is yet more proof of its bankruptcy," he added.


Al-Masri censured what he referred to as "the tendency of the United States and most of the European nations to favor the Israeli occupation," saying the situation demonstrated "a lack of equality between the victim and the hangman."


"This type of international policy proves the bias towards the Israeli occupation and the (international community's) double standard. It stands contrary to the legitimate resistance of our people and our right to self-determination."


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