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El Al passenger runs amok on board Kiev flight
Man beats flight attendant before being apprehended by air marshals on board flight to Kiev

A wayward passenger beat a flight attendant for reasons that remain unclear during an El Al flight to Ukraine earlier this week.


The passenger ran amok for several minutes before being seized and cuffed by an air marshal. Upon landing, he was taken into custody by Ukrainian authorities.


The violent incident took place Monday on flight LY651 from Tel Aviv to Kiev. Around 6 pm, an hour after takeoff, startled passengers were disturbed by shouting.


"One of the passengers started running through the plane yelling, 'Someone is hitting people in there,'" a passenger who asked to remain anonymous told Ynet.


The passenger said a stewardess emerged and began running towards the front of the plane, while the errant passenger continued to run wild.


"No one knew what had happened and why he suddenly went crazy," he said. "The security guard jumped at the violent passenger and tried to stop him, but with all the commotion some of the other passengers didn't understand what was happening and tried to protect the attacker from the guard."


He said the air marshal had difficulty containing the passenger's wild outburst. He then cuffed him and forced him into his seat. Local police met the plane in Kiev and took the cuffed offender into custody.


"I guess he must have been drunk because he just lost it and went wild," the witness said. El Al confirmed the report and said the man was currently in the hands of Kiev police.


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