Photo: GPO
Hotel to have rooftop view of Bahai Gardens
Photo: GPO
Boutique hotel to open in Haifa's German Colony
Historic Templar building built in 1905 in northern city's neighborhood to house Colony Hotel Haifa. Nearly NIS 15 million, one and a half years invested in hotel's refurbishing and remodeling
A new boutique hotel is slated to open in Haifa in coming days in the city's historic German Colony. The hotel, Colony Hotel Haifa, will be housed in an old Templar building that originally served as a hotel called Appinger from the time it was built until 1978.


The hotel property, spanning over 1.2 dunam (about 3 acres), was acquired by Haim Morovati, a Jewish American investor, for NIS 5 million (about $1.25 million). Nearly NIS 15 million (about $3.5 million) more was invested in refurbishing and remodeling the structure, a process that took about one and a half years.


The historic building underwent extensive remodeling, while preserving the historic façade and some of the interior spaces. The architectural work was done by architect Arye Dvilinsky, who also refurbished Tel Aviv's Cinema Hotel, a historic site as well.


The hotel has 40 rooms and mini-suites designed in way that matches the hotel's unique character. The hotel has a restaurant, business conference rooms, and spa treatment facilities. The hotel's rooftop has a view of the Bahai Gardens and the Mediterranean Sea.


According to Avi Aghajani, head of the hotel's management company, "The refurbishing of the building was carried out with great attention that promises a unique experience to guests staying at the hotel, who are expected to be businessmen, tourists from abroad, and Israelis.


"Continuation of the development of the German Colony provides the area adjoining the Bahai Gardens and the sea momentum and incentives as a central tourist site in Haifa for external and internal tourism."


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