Smuggling tunnel in Gaza
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Hamas: We won't stop arms smuggling
According to Hamas' military wing's spokesman: 'The arms that reach the pure hands of the resistance fighters who fight the Zionist occupation are a human necessity'

Since Operation Cast Lead concluded some 22 tons of explosives and 45 tons of raw materials used to manufacture weapons have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin reported this week.


On Thursday Hamas pledged that the smuggling from the Sinai Peninsula will continue.


Abu Ubeida, Hamas' military wing's spokesman, said that his group will refuse to sign an agreement with Egypt that calls for the cessation of weapon smuggling, "or any other agreement that might undermine the resistance in Palestine."


According to Abu Ubeida, "the arms that reach the pure hands of the resistance fighters who fight the Zionist occupation are not smuggled weapons, but a human necessity… as part of the struggle for the nation's dignity."


Referring to recent statements by senior Israeli security officials who said that Hamas is not interested in a truce, he said that the movement sets its priorities according to the Palestinian interests and to its strategic approach.


Abu Ubeida rejected claims that Hamas' logistical and military funding originates in Iran. "Most of our buildup comes from within the Palestinian territory and through the movement's independent production efforts.


"The money comes from all the free people of the world who love Palestine," he stated.


The spokesman declined to comment on reports that Hamas was stocking up on long-range rockets and anti-aircraft missiles, and also refused to say whether there was any progress in negotiations on the release of Israeli captive Gilad Shalit.


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