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Prof. Hillel Weiss: Pope persona non grata

Bar-Ilan university professor writes article referring to Benedict XVI as 'the chosen Trojan horse trying to apply the Holy Basin policy in Jerusalem'

After insulting the Hebron brigade commander on camera and speaking against the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, Prof. Hillel Weiss launched another attack Sunday, this time against Pope Benedict XVI, who is expected to visit Israel next month.


The Bar-Ilan University professor published an article in the "Eretz Israel Shelanu" bulletin distributed in synagogues over the weekend, titled "The pope – a persona non grata."


According to Weiss, "The Israelis have established committees and institutes with the funds of the European Union and anti-Zion Jews, in order to promote the final solution of the 'Jerusalem problem.' All these bodies are competing against each other on ways to get rid of Jerusalem somehow.


"For that purpose they invented the 'Holy Basin' plan, which takes Jerusalem back to an exterritorial status, which means: No Jews and no State of Israel.


"Thus, the pope is a savior for whom they yearn so that he can remain on the rooftop of the church on the Mount of Zion and take us down to the Hinnom Valley and finally set up the borders determined for the Holy Basin."


Prof. Weiss went on to criticize the pope's visit to the Temple Mount. "The goal is that a Jews' foot will not step on the heart of Jerusalem, like before the year 5727 (1967), and in fact just like today and since the liberation of Jerusalem.


"The Jerusalem Police know what their masters want, and gladly and willingly cooperate in order to expel Jews from the Temple Mount, supported by Jewish circles who say, 'What have we got to do with this?'


"Isn't it better to internationalize Jerusalem, get rid of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and of all the Feiglins (referring to Likud hardliner Moshe Feiglin) and Ketzalachs (referring to National Union head Yaakov Katz), and take the same opportunity to withdraw from Tiberias and the Lower Galilee so as not to hurt the feelings of His Holiness."


'Satanic plan'

He also mentioned Pope Benedict's past during World War II: "This loser, who was a member of the Wehrmacht in his youth, is expected according to the itinerary to visit the Temple Mount on Lag B'Omer.


"The pope is the chosen Trojan horse, through which not only the Vatican, but every army of Gog and Magog, led by the United States, is trying to apply the Holy Basin policy according to the vision of (former Minister Yossi) Beilin, (President Shimon) Peres and (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert.


"The Holy Basin is a form of baptism, or rather an attempt to drown the Jewish religion and the Jewish people behind the screen of the peace process, which is another name for the disownment of Jerusalem, while annulling the Jewish sovereignty and passing it to Ishmael."


According to Weiss, the Holy Basin idea is none other than "the same satanic plan aimed at returning to the internationalization of Jerusalem – the US dream since before the State's establishment. The swift reconciliation with the current pope after his chapter of blunders does not grace the people of Israel.


"All diplomatic officials in Israel must prevent the signing of agreements aimed at undermining Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem… prevent any undermining of Jerusalem's sovereignty and hold during the visit prayers and rallies and children's parades and proper Lag B'Omer bonfires, in order to remember and be reminded of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, his students, Rabbi Akiva, and all those who did not give in to the old Rome and to the new one."


The professor also personally attacked the pope. "There is no hole he doesn't fall into with his statements. Anywhere he wanders to in his world travels his tongue brings people down, and he has become an embarrassment to his senders.


"Only in Israel, the country where the authorities and enlightened rabbis are waiting, longing to shake his hand and receive equalitarian recognition of the three religions, the pope has a status which causes the Catholic Church to aspire to become an international diplomatic factor," Weiss concluded.


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