Did Israeli spies in Lebanon infiltrate Hizbullah?
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Report: Israeli spies infiltrated Hizbullah

Israeli espionage cells detained in Lebanon last week were able to penetrate Hizbullah, al-Hayat newspaper reports Saturday; full name of senior Lebanese army officer detained in connection with affair published for first time

Has Hizbullah been breached? An espionage network uncovered in Lebanon earlier this week was able to infiltrate Hizbullah, London-Based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Saturday.


According to the report, Hizbullah officials have decided to adopt new steps in order to prevent further infiltration into the organization and detained suspects connected to the case. The group reportedly feared that the espionage efforts would affect "the organization's security and the wellbeing of its commanders."


In addition, the full name of the main suspect in the affair was published for the first time – a Lebanese army officer called Adib al-Alam, ranked brigadier general. He was arrested along with his wife and his nephew. According to the report, the three were arrested by Lebanon's intelligence service after being followed for a year and a half.


Suspect trained in Israel

Two espionage cells operated by Israeli intelligence services in Lebanon have been arrested in connection with the affair, Lebanese daily al-Akhbar reported on Friday.


According to the report, the arrests were carried out following precise coordination between Lebanon's internal security service and Hizbullah, with each party responsible for the arrest of one cell.


The report said that the main suspect in the affair, al-Alam, confessed to undergoing three training courses in and being equipped with three advanced communication devices, a camera and objects that have secret compartments


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