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Israeli hacker to be extradited to US

Canadian media report Ehud Tenenbaum, dubbed 'the analyzer', to be transferred to United States on charges of hacking scheme spanning hundreds of companies

Israeli hacker Ehud Tenenbaum will be extradited to the United States despite his previous requests to be tried in Canada, where he was arrested, Canadian media reported over the weekend.


Tenenbaum, who was dubbed "the analyzer" after it was discovered that he was the mastermind behind the hacking of the Pentagon computer systems in the late 1990s, has been in Canadian custody since August 2008, when he and three Canadian accomplices were arrested for hacking into the computers of Canadian company 'Direct Cash' and stealing CDN$1.8 million.


Ehud's mother, Malka, confirmed the extradition to Ynet and explained that it was "by agreement and there's something to the reports."


Shortly after his arrest, Tenenbaum was scheduled to be released on CDN$30,000 bail. The court later denied bail after the prosecution entered into evidence documentation suggesting he is the leading suspect in a US case investigating the hackings of hundreds of companies around the world, including some in the US, Russia, Turkey, Holland, Sweden and Belgium.


Due to the scope of the fraud and the involvement of US companies and the Pentagon, the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is involved in the investigation against him.


Previously, Tenenbaum and his associates opposed extradition because the charges levied against them in the United States are much more severe than those in Canada. Now, however, Tenenbaum appears prepared to agree to comply with extradition and even decided to forego a preliminary hearing on the matter.


In the past, Tenenbaum's mother told Ynet she objected to the extradition because it involved charges that had taken place over a decade ago. Regarding the recent decision, she said "I don't want to talk so that I don't ruin anything and you'll understand what I mean when the time comes. Any superfluous talk will harm my son."


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