Ahmadinejad rails against Zionism. Again
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Ahmadinejad: Zionist regime will be uprooted

Iranian president, in public speech, says Zionists have told lies to create the 'germ' of Israel. 'Just as it was created, it can be dismantled,' he says of Israeli state

Israel must "stop its crimes" against the Palestinians or "the strong hand of nations will root them out," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday in a speech in the Iranian city of Karaj.


The website of the Iranian IRIB news agency quoted him as saying that, "The era of aggression of the Zionist regime and its supporters has come to an end" and emphasizing that "just as (Israel) was created, it can be dismantled."


He denied Israel's legitimacy, saying that "for 60 years, they have told lies and tried to defraud nations in order to create the germ called the Zionist regime" and added that "Zionism contributes nothing other than aggression, mass murder, terror and threats."


In reference to the political situation in the region, Ahmadinejad asserted that "recently, the Zionist entity gave the Palestinian people an ultimatum to leave their homes in order to destroy them and place a pack of professional thieves, who come from other places in the world, in their place."


Slamming the international community, he asked "where is the United Nations Secretary-General to transfer the cry of the Palestinian people to the ears of the world? Where are the supporters of human rights and democracy?"


The Iranian president called for a referendum in 'Palestine' and said that if Israel "doesn't accept this humane solution, the might of nations will bury them underground and bring about justice."


He also affirmed his intent to continue the nuclear program, saying that "Iran will stay unified until it achieves all the rights it deserves."


Ahmadinejad's statements come about a month before presidential elections, scheduled to take place on June 12, in which he is running for reelection. He has recently faced criticism about his last term from his political rivals, particularly regarding his failed economic policy and his aggressive foreign policy that has left him isolated within the international community and subject to sanctions.


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