Will PA be ordered to compensate terror victims?
Photo: Dana Kopel
Bereaved family gets seizure order against PA
Relatives of terror victims convince judge to issue NIS 7 million seizure order against Palestinian Authority

A temporary seizure order for NIS 7 million (roughly 1.8$) was issued Tuesday by the Tel Aviv District Court against the Palestinian Authority. The order aims to ensure the payment of future compensation in a lawsuit filed by the relatives of Sharon and Yaniv Ben-Shalom, who were murdered in a shooting attack on the Modi'in-Jerusalem Highway in August 2001.


The Prosecutor's Office, which represented the State, as well as the attorneys representing the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, objected to the seizure order, on the grounds that the transfer of funds should be at the government's discretion, in line with security, political, and economic considerations.


The Prosecutor's Office argued that any ruling by the court on the question of fund transfers undermines the government's authority.


However, Justice Avi Zamir ruled that based on the details of the case and on previous rulings, a temporary seizure order would be issued; however, the sum of the order is below the sum requested by the plaintiffs.


The family's attorney, Meirav Cohen-Barzilai, expressed her satisfaction with the court ruling, but said she hoped the seizure order would be for a larger sum.


"There is accountability here for everyone who was involved in the terror attack and was even brought to justice by the State," she said. "Anyone who was a party to the attack itself is serving a prison sentence in line with his involvement."


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