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Labor 'rebels' to Bibi: Can't evade 2-state solution

Labor party Knesset members hand over letter to Netanyahu ahead of Washington trip

Four Labor party "rebels" – Knesset Members Eitan Cabel, Amir Peretz, Ophir Pines-Paz, and Yuli Tamir – handed over a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his trip to Washington.


The MKs wrote: "You must not delude yourself and the people of Israel into thinking that you have the power to evade a process that leads to a final-status solution, based on two states for two peoples."


"In the coming hours you must decided whether you have the courage to take advantage of the opportunity that the American President along with Arab world leaders present to Israel…or whether you are about to, again, lead us into a dead-end that will jeopardize the international support needed by Israel in order to face the challenges ahead," the letter read.


The Labor MKs urged Netanyahu to refrain from presenting Obama with what they terms "useless ideas," stressing that no progress can be made without halting settlement construction and removing unauthorized West Bank outposts.


"The State of Israel must not turn into a peace refusenik," the letter read. "In an era where dialogue is the cornerstone of the new foreign policy, those who refuse to place all controversial issues on the table will remain out of the game, and those who resist the 'spirit of our time' will pay the price."


The Knesset members ended their letter to the PM by urging him to engage in self-reflection before entering the White House.


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