Campaign signs in Beirut
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SLA veterans hope moderates will win Lebanon elections
South Lebanese Army veterans living in Israel watch for result of Beirut's parliamentary elections, say if Hizbullah wins all chances of them returning home will be lost

As Lebanese voters elect their new government and with the prospect of Hizbullah growing stronger sparking worldwide attention, South Lebanese Army veterans living in Israel are concerned.


The 2,600 former SLA servicemen and their families, who relocated to Israel after it pulled out of south Lebanon in 2000 – mostly for security reasons – know that if Hizbullah sweeps Beirut's parliament, their last chances of returning to their homeland will essentially disappear.


"The Lebanese people must realize the ramifications of having the Shiite bloc, headed by Hizbullah, taking the parliament," a former SLA officer told Ynet. "It would be detrimental to the economy and education and it will ruin Lebanon's chances of independence and rehabilitation."


"Lebanon is our homeland. We hope that even if we can’t go back, our children could," one of the SLA wives said. "Israel has done right by us, but we will never give up on our home. Today's elections will decide if Lebanon is heading towards openness and modernization or if it slides back to darker times, under the patronage of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his ally, Hizbullah Chief Nasrallah."


The Lebanese electoral race is expected to be extremely close, with analysts predicting that the Christian vote would be the deciding one.


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