Georgette Nasser
Lebanon releases Israeli sisters
Priest of women detained on Wednesday by Lebanese authorities after having participated in country's elections tells Ynet Georgette Nasser and Josefin Moussa's visit to Beirut was not politically motivated

Georgette Nasser and Josefin Moussa, two Israeli sisters who were arrested Wednesday by Lebanese security forces in Beirut, were released Thursday and returned to Israel.


Hizbullah's television network, al-Manar, first reported the arrests Wednesday evening. At the time Israel's Foreign Ministry had not received word of the incident. Georgette (69) is an Israeli resident of east Jerusalem, while Josefin (67) resides in the US.


The women's priest, Ibrahim Azar, told Ynet they had gone to Lebanon in order to visit family. He denied that the sisters had entered the country in order to participate in the nationwide elections held there earlier this week.


Azar said the two were detained a Beirut's airport after authorities discovered a permit granted to east Jerusalem residents within Georgette's documents.


"I don't know why she was arrested. She is very stressed out," Azar said. "She went to visit her family in Lebanon, without any political interests. The two were released together this morning." He added that they had flown to Amman and from there to Israel.


Wednesday's report said the sisters were arrested upon attempting to leave Beirut on a flight, and taken in for questioning by Lebanese intelligence.


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